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Reminder: Adobe application changes - how does it impact you?

From: Jamie Skuse

Valid from: Monday 2 March 2020 to Monday 30 March 2020

In partnership with Adobe, we would like to inform you of license changes to Adobe products, which will ensure a more positive user experience. ITDS will work with you to ensure that the changes will have minimal impacts to your work.

The new licensing model: What is it?
The new licensing model requires users to move away from serialised activation to having a cloud-based account. This means that current and new users will be provided with an Adobe account, with a local installation of Adobe Creative Cloud. Once it is installed, you can then download the applications you require (such as Photoshop, InDesign, etc.) As a perk, with the new license, you can also download licensed applications on your personal devices (unlimited installations but only two consecutive logins).

What will be happening?
In order to allow for this new licensing model to be implemented, ITDS have been performing the following changes to those with Adobe installations. This includes:

Staff machines with multiple Adobe installations
Staff will be assigned an Adobe Account, where they will receive an email advising them of the account as well as how to activate the new license on their Western machine. This email will also have details on using licensed Adobe applications on their personnel devices.

Staff machines with Adobe Acrobat DC
Staff machines have until recently been supplied with Adobe Acrobat DC will now be changed to Adobe Reader DC. A knowledge base article has been created that shows how this can be used to view, print and create PDF documents.

Please see the WESTERNNOW Portal at https://wsu.service-now.com/it for more details on these changes to Adobe applications. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also contact the IT Service Desk on ext. 5111 or 9852 5111.