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Digital meeting 'netiquette ' - online guides and five simple rules you can follow

From: Caitlyn Hoare

Valid from: Thursday 9 April 2020 to Friday 10 April 2020

Digital meetings are now a part of our normal working from home routine, but this may new territory for many of you.

To help you keep your meetings productive and professional, follow these five simple digital meeting etiquette rules and tips:

Your background is important!
Ensure you have a clean, work-appropriate background, where there is minimal noise disturbance and movement. Lacking options because you’re sharing your space with family or other adults working from home (wfh)? Many digital meetings platforms have virtual background options that can transform your #wfh space and easily eliminate background distractions.

Be familiar with the controls!
If you’re unsure, spend a few minutes before the meeting reading a how-to guide or by taking a virtual tour. Don’t spend half the meeting saying “Where’s the mute button?” or “How do I share my screen?” or worse – accidentally sharing your screen without knowing!

Be aware of your audio and video settings!
Make sure you’re in frame, with the camera pointed directly in front of you (no-one wants to look up your nose!). Remember to keep yourself on mute and be ready when called upon to un-mute yourself, to avoid delaying the meeting.

Timing is everything!
Your calendar is likely filling up with video meetings. If you’re the host, try not to schedule a full hour or 30 minute session. Instead, be a good host and reduce your meetings to 50 or 25 minutes and give your team an opportunity to stretch their legs in between meetings.

Hello? Are you there?
It's difficult to judge if someone is running behind or not turning up to a digital meeting at all. Manage your calendars efficiently so you don't end up with meetings that are cancelled, but not deleted (or you don't know who is going to attend). Accepting or rejecting meeting invites helps everyone stay a little more organised.

Here are some helpful Western online guides if you’d like to learn more:
A Guide to Online Netiquette: https://www.westernsydney.edu.au/tld/home/how_to/how-to_resources/internet_resources/outlook_online_netiquette

Microsoft Meetings Hacks: https://www.westernsydney.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/1659623/ITDS_MS_Teams_WFHhacks.pdf