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Reminder: Report Potential & Actual Incidents of Legislative Breaches

From: Mariah Saad

Valid from: Friday 24 June 2022 to Wednesday 20 July 2022

Compliance is an individual and collective responsibility at Western Sydney University.

All University staff, per clause 8 of the Compliance Policy (https://policies.westernsydney.edu.au/document/view.current.php?id=307), are required to immediately report any breaches of legislation on the Compliance Incident Register (https://erm.protecht.com.au/wsu/worms/client/app/anonymousWidget.html?widget=AnonymousRegisterEntry&appId=1121&tablename=table_138400).

Additionally, clause 15 requires the Compliance Network (i.e. all accountable Compliance Representatives and responsible Compliance Contacts) to report on the Register of incidents pertaining to their operating area, but also in other areas if known. Ensure to include The College in any incidents if your operating area executes the operational compliance on behalf of the University and The College.

This includes incidents that are potential (i.e. will happen) and actual (i.e. has already happened, whether corrected or not).

All requests for confidentiality are respected, and you may report anonymously. Alternatively to reporting on the Register, the Compliance Program Unit can be contacted directly and confidentially on compliance@westernsydney.edu.au or 9685 9897.

A visual workflow of the reporting process is attached to this post. You can access the list of laws applicable to the University on the CPU website: https://www.westernsydney.edu.au/complianceprogramunit/cpu/compliance_management_program/compliance_directory.

What is the outcome of Incident Reporting?

* The immediate outcome is to rectify the specific incident to ensure compliance is achieved.
* The ultimate goal is to improve any associated procedures that may have contributed to the incident to ensure future incidents are prevented.

Remember, Incident Reporting:

* is 'not telling on people' or 'policing activities', and non-compliance incidents are not necessarily caused by ill-intention.
* is simply a mechanism that ensures the integrity of any successful Compliance Management Program.
* simply means doing the right thing in the right spirit. It ensures the University continuously improves its operations and processes, and maintains compliance to its legal obligations.

Attached document: Non-compliance breach reporting LEGL2416 REVISED.pdf [527447 bytes] application/pdf