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Microsoft updates release for staff

From: Bruce Painter

Valid from: Thursday 30 June 2022 to Wednesday 6 July 2022

Software updates are essential in keeping your computer operating securely, robustly and at times, providing additional features. Microsoft periodically releases software updates to support their operating systems where ITDS manages the process.

As a result, software updates will be deployed to Windows 10 computers from its release date, 9.00am on Thursday 30 June.

What will happen?
On the release date, your computer will display a message notifying you that updates are ready for installation (subsequent reminders will be periodically displayed until the updates are installed). During this time the updates can be manually installed from "Software Centre".

For manually installing updates please refer to the knowledgebase articles below –

Opening Software Centre - (KB0011232): https://wsu.service-now.com/staff?sys_kb_id=362da4e41bd385908d1f7620dc4bcbde&id=kb_article_view&sysparm_rank=1&sysparm_tsqueryId=8d4a96bedbd09d504939bc56f3961933

Installing updates - (KB0014447): https://wsu.service-now.com/staff?sys_kb_id=99f98548dbd9efc8f893ef728a961942&id=kb_article_view&sysparm_rank=1&sysparm_tsqueryId=cc6a56fedbd09d504939bc56f3961983

If after one week the updates have not been installed, they will be forced onto your computer after business hours.

Whether the updates are installed manually or forced, you should always assume the machine will require a restart. As precaution you close applications and save your work before updates are installed.

If you have questions, please contact the ITDS Service Desk on extension 5111 or (02) 9852 5111.