Daily News

Where to seek support for Grade Centre and RePS

From: Renee Clampett

Valid from: Thursday 30 June 2022 to Friday 15 July 2022

A request form has been made available in WesternNow to assist with providing support to Academic staff when processing results for their subjects. This form allows you to seek assistance with getting your grade centre set up, requesting your marks transfer be reset, access to RePS or report a technical issue among other things. To make it easier to find the support you're after, a series of support options have been built into the form. When submitted, the request is then assigned to the appropriate support team based on the options selected.

The form can be assed via the following link - https://wsu.service-now.com/staff?id=sc_cat_item&sys_id=1d6b07541bc01910c469c91a274bcb70