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Service Reimagined Service Scoop 38

From: Alyce La Rosa - Coleman

Valid from: Tuesday 9 July 2024 to Monday 15 July 2024

Service Reimagined Rescope

Over the past few weeks we have taken the time to rescope the program in consultation with the steering committee and we have identified program priorities. Our primary focus is on transitioning the student misconduct function into OGS. We will also continue on the service catalogue. We are looking to update staff facing knowledge bases to prepare our knowledge and improve AI readiness. We continue to facilitate the Service Improvement Forum (SIF), bringing together service champions from each service area to collaborate and learn from each other.

Student Misconduct Functional Alignment Project

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this process so far. The project team has now completed the health check report (phase 1 deliverable) and it is currently with the OGS leadership team for review. This is the first health check completed on a service at WSU and was a very interesting and insightful process. Additionally, the workload analysis report is now drafted (stage 2 deliverable). Both reports will be discussed at our next Project Executive Group, chaired by the Provost. Lastly, the first of the future state design workshops is being held today, with another 2 scheduled for next week. These will focus on an ideal future state for the student misconduct function, how we can get there and what our measures of success might look like. Thank you to those workshop participants today, the contents of which were creative and thought-provoking.