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Use the DLTs to help you plan your subject for the upcoming semester

From: Hermy Llacuna

Valid from: Thursday 11 July 2024 to Friday 19 July 2024

When planning for the upcoming semester, it is useful to think about the learning design approach of your subject or course. Does your approach help learners engage with the content and meet learning objectives and outcomes? The foundational features of the Digital Learning Thresholds (DLTs) are useful to help you think about the design of your subject, including, the content structure, assessments, learning activities and sequences. 

Check out the article, Building your foundations: Digital Learning Thresholds (https://lf.westernsydney.edu.au/engage/technology/digital-learning-thresholds-building-your-foundations), to help you in the process of developing your learning design.

For more information on the DLTs, visit https://lf.westernsydney.edu.au/engage/technology/digital-learning-thresholds