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Correction to communications: Commencement of works - Consulting Earth Scientists Pty Ltd HW

From: Cherrie Griffo

Valid from: Thursday 28 September 2023 to Tuesday 24 October 2023

We would like to convey our apologies for any concern that has been raised in relation to the recent communications surrounding the new HIE Science Building to be located on the Hawkesbury campus.

When considering the location of the new building, heritage assessment is a crucial role in determining the site area. On that basis, the University will ensure that we abide by the heritage requirements, and will ensure that we pay tribute to the historical elements of the Hawkesbury campus.

Our intent on locating the new building on the Hawkesbury campus is to enhance and activate the campus and ensure that we abide by the original heritage elements. The investigation of the new building being situated on the eastern edge of the oval, will include the enhancement as part of this development by way of upgrade and provision of additional amenities. Rest assured, the oval will be restored to honour its traditional purposes. Additionally, we have plans to enhance the adjacent sporting fields, which will further contribute to the overall amenities, benefiting the oval and accommodating various sports and community activities. It is intended to not reduce the capacity of the facilities but ensure that community usage is increased whilst also allowing us to accommodate rugby, cricket, AFL and soccer.

In our decision of the location, we will ensure not to encroach upon the original footprint of the oval, preserving its significant connection with the grandstand and scoreboard on the northern side whilst also showing that the new building will promote synergy with neighbouring teaching and research facilities while ensuring convenient access to campus services for both students and staff.

This location is under consideration following careful assessments of heritage and environmental requirements. By incorporating a range of diverse recreational areas, the University can create a campus that is supportive of the well-being of all members of the campus community. This can include and enhance existing recreational facilities such as sports fields and courts, as well as more natural spaces such as walking and cycling tracks through the campus-wide campus for exercise, engagement, relaxation and reflection.

This is a very important project to the University, and we look forward to honouring both the heritage of the Hawkesbury campus, and providing new research and learning facilities for our students and staff.

Once again, we wish to reiterate that we are not looking to take facilities away but rather looking to enhance and increase capacity for staff, student and community use at facilities on the Hawkesbury campus.

The works that have commenced to complete analysis, investigation, testing and reporting to inform the developing preliminary cost plan on the Hawkesbury central oval for the proposed HIE science building, are investigative works only. Construction of this building has not commenced. These works are being carried out by Consulting Earth Scientists Pty Ltd.

Anticipated practical completion is 27 October.

We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

For any enquiries, please contact Lisa Zarb on 0402 900 737 or email l.zarb@westernsydney.edu.au.

Thank you for your cooperation during this period.