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In case you missed it! vUWS Olympics Assessment Workshops!

From: Sherelle Tramantana

Valid from: Wednesday 12 June 2024 to Friday 14 June 2024

In May, Digital Learning (Learning and Teaching) presented a series of workshops, The vUWS Olympics: A Journey to Excellence!

Together, Digital Learning partnered with vendors to perform feats of digital athleticism to demonstrate good practice utilising Western's digital assessment tools. The online sessions gave invaluable insights and demonstrated effective strategies to create assessments and mark them with ease.

Be sure to explore the recordings available on:
- Turnitin Assessments Unveiled: Lighting the Flame of vUWS Olympics
- Grading Gold with Turnitin Feedback Studios
- The Triple Jump! Mastering Assignments, Video Submission Points & Rubrics in Blackboard
- FeedbackFruits Relay: Inspiration for Feedback Success
- Adieu…The Final Flourish: A Finale of Digital Artistry

The recordings are accompanied by just-in-time resources and accessible templates to help get you started. Check out the link below to access the recordings and resources:


Digital Learning offers support on vUWS through: 

Western Now - submit a ticket for advice on how to use our (Digital Teaching and Learning) tools -  https://wsu.service-now.com/staff?id=sc_cat_item&sys_id=390d245bdbde5c504f58e4340596197d

One-on-one consultation - A 30 minute personalised (Zoom) call to discuss your specific questions https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/DigitalLearningSupport101@westernsydneyedu.onmicrosoft.com/bookings/s/Zdai0b_bUk6ADvEtAmGWRQ2 

Just-in-time resources such as Learn vUWS - https://lf.westernsydney.edu.au/learn-vuws/ where you can access step by step instructions on vUWS.  

Also explore the Online and Engagement Teaching Hub - https://lf.westernsydney.edu.au/engage/ where you can find information and resources to inspire and guide you on creating engaging online experiences.